Yummy, Oozy Club Sandwich

>> January 15, 2010

You know those days? The ones that are so hard, that all you want to do is have a do over and block it from your mind.

Yesterday was one of those days.

So, when I got home, I was glad that the boyfriend was at his mother’s house and the only person to feed was me. But, there was a problem. There was nothing in the refrigerator and we were out of milk, so the bowl of cereal was out.

Then I saw the eggs, and I knew I had a bag of baby spinach in there, somewhere and when I checked the cheese box? SCORE! There was ham in there too!

So it was time for a Club Sandwich.

This version is quick, satisfying and the end product is delicious.

Any type of sandwich bread (I use Potato bread)
1-3 slices of Ham
1 Tomato cut into round slices
Lettuce (or in my case) spinach leaves
1 Egg, fried
1-3 of slices of Cheese, I used Havarti, but any cheese will do.
Butter (to fry your egg on and toast the bread)
And we start with putting a bit of butter to melt in a sauce pan at medium heat, when hot, crack the egg, add a bit of salt and pepper and fried until done. NOTE: I like my yolk soft/runny, because this sandwich whole existence is to dip it in the oozing yolk when cut in half. When done, put the egg to the side.

Keep the sauce pan on the heat, but bring it down to low

Take the slices of bread and coat both with mayonnaise. Then coast one slice with a bit of ketchup and the other with mustard.

On the ketchup side place the ham, then pile a couple of lettuce/spinach leaves on top. On the mustard side, place the slices of tomato, season with salt and pepper and then the cheese. Place the friend egg on top. Cover with the ham slice of bread.

Coat the outside of both bread with a bit of butter and place in the hot sauce pan on the stove. Toast about 1 minute and flip, until you have it toasted.

Take out, place on plate and cut in half… let the egg ooze out of it and now eat up!


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